Bomb the Music Industry! - live in West Babylon (Cover Artwork)

Bomb the Music Industry!

live in West Babylon (2007)

live show

After several solid releases, Bomb the Music Industry! have cemented themselves (or himself) as one of my favorite bands. With the success of ASOB already under his belt, Long Island ska-punk veteran Jeff Rosenstock has let his genius show in the solo side project. After seeing Bomb the Music Industry! once already, it was no surprise that they performed exceptionally well, despite the unorthodox setting of a local CD store called Looney Tunes.

Rosenstock's songwriting skills have made him the object of my affection, and you can quote me in saying that he is a musical genius. He brought along some friends for his performance at Looney Tunes, as is the case with most of the band's live performances. While past releases have featured Rosenstock and a computer, the new CD, Get Warmer, features a full band like the live performances. The in-store performance featured the first nine songs off Get Warmer, and with a full band present, it sounded just as it does on record.

The performance provided comical on-stage banter, in addition to a tight performance. It is clear that, despite the record being released online for only a week, that several songs have already become fan favorites. Specifically, "I Don't Love You Anymore" led to great crowd participation, a difficult task when the crowd consists of people leaning on rows of CDs. One thing was certain: the sing-along chorus of "baby I don't love you anymore" was sung aloud, but not directed towards Rosenstock in the least. The fans, me in particular, would never utter such words directed at Jeff.

After the nine songs, and half-hour set (free of charge, in typical BTMI fashion), I shouted out my love to Jeff, thinking he would leave immediately after. He turned around and acknowledged me in a very sensual way that caused my body to melt with joy. I expected nothing less from Rosenstock, who is known for having a great relationship with his fans. However, to my surprise, Rosentstock spent more time outside with all the fans that watched the show than he spent inside playing the actual show. Other ASOB members were present as well, and fans stayed outside, chatting with the local heroes. With two ASOB reunion shows coming up in September, and the second show not yet sold out, the other members had some promoting to do as well as fan interaction. I will be in attendance for both, and I have no reason to think Rosenstock and friends won't perform with even more enthusiasm than they did today.