Fay Wray - I Love Everyone (Cover Artwork)

Fay Wray

I Love Everyone (2000)

No Idea

Rising from the ashes of Florida greats QUIT and KING FRIDAY, comes FAY WRAY!

Armed with absolutely catchy hooks and brilliant, if not drunken, lyrics, FAY WRAY is out to change the face of your so-called 'pop-punk' forever!

Beware! This is not your average pop-punk-rock record! No, far from it! 'I Love Everyone,' the band's second full length and best yet, is honestly one of the catchiest, rowdiest, most hilarious records of the past couple years. The band's sound is a cross-section of the frantic energy of the first couple SUPERCHUNK records and the insane guitar riffs/story-telling of RADON. Coupled with Jeff's insightful yet comical lyrics, it's destined to be a classic.

Stand out tracks include an ode to bi-sexuality ('Bi') that will have even the most bigoted punker singing "I love everyone!" and the country tinged foot-stomper 'South of Florida.'

Really, does No Idea put out bad music? I'm just asking for trouble with that one...

Also available with battle armor and Kung Fu grip! Battle the evil corporate armies of Sum41 and NFG! FAY WRAY is here to save us all and make the world safe for pop-punk again!