Banner Pilot / Monikers - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Banner Pilot / Monikers

Split [7 inch] (2007)

Kiss of Death

These two Lawrence Arms followers decided to do a split with each other, each doing two songs. I really think it's a good match. They both have previous releases, the great Eat Your Young by Monikers and Pass the Poison by Banner Pilot, both EPs showing great potential. They both seem to be growing into their own sound and stretching away from the aforementioned Larry Arms influence. It's good to see how these two bands are coming along and how they've been progressing as a band and finding their individuality.

Starting things off is Banner Pilot with "Spit Out." It's a really good song with a harder edge and being a little faster than their previous releases. It also may get stuck in your head for a while, as it did mine. Their second track is "Deadender," which is equally as good. Although, that might be becuase it sounds a lot like "Spit Out." Simply put, it sounds way too similar to the previous track. The structure is pretty much the same, even ending repeating a phrase over and over again as "Spit Out." However, it has some subtle differences and the more you listen to it, the more you can differentiate the two. I would say that this is a solid side on the split 7".

Next up are Monikers with more cement mixer vocals over catchy guitar riffs. If the song "Over" is a only a taste of their announced full-length, then signs are pointing towards a future classic. As with the first Banner Pilot song, expect this to get stuck in your head for a while. The second song is entitled "Kids." It seems akin to their`song "Information" off of Eat Your Young. It's kind of a slower song with a chorus that isn't quite catchy but shouldn't be, for it would take away from the song. I would say Monikers' side edges out the Banner Pilot side by a little bit but I could see someone liking the other side better. It just shows how both these bands are on the same level.

Overall, this is a really good 7" with some great music and a definitely solid matchup. It exhibits how much potential this band has and makes the listener anticipate a future release from both of the bands. This is definitely one of the better split 7"s of the year.