Various - Generic Insight Radio Volume One (Cover Artwork)
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Generic Insight Radio Volume One (2007)

Eternal Hope

A good friend of the 'Org, Barrie (no, not that one) runs a weekly Internet radio show called Generic Insight, featuring the best in new punk, hardcore and indie rock. Being a fellow music nerd (not self-professed, but we bet if we pressed her she'd admit to it), Volume One of her potential compilation series acts as ambassador to her show and amasses a ton of tri-state area (and slightly beyond) acts falling under the aforementioned banner. Many of these are incredibly solid.

The whole thing kicks off with a number of good or better tracks. Up for Nothing's "Only Time Will Tell" is fast, poppy punk tempered with a little acoustic flair; Anxious Arms play noodly emo rock in "Congratulations, Japan"; the Gaslight Anthem contribute the excellent, infectious "I'da Called You Woody, Joe"; Thieves and Assassins are responsible for "Substance Abuse," not only one of their best songs to date but featuring a slightly different mastering job here that arguably sounds better than on the actual album.

Meanwhile, Earth Stood Still, Racing Exit 13 and Safari So Good offer enjoyable pop-punk surprises, all in mood-varying forms. The New Dress offer something a little different with their very much Defiance, Ohio-esque "Where Our Failures Are." Capital thrown in a standout from Signal Corps, Jena Berlin have the superb "Crossed Arms" (top 3 on the comp at least) and Call It Fire and In Times of War drill through some LIHC with "2 +2 = You're Pissing Me Off" and "The Impending Holocaust," respectively.

There isn't much that's questionable here. The Ghost Armada's self-titled song does a bizarre sing/scream thing, One Win Choice put forth mediocre melodicore in "New Rome," and Young Hearts have fun verses but a chorus and vocal member that's a little sugary in "I Went to a Party." Dead Set on Destruction's "The Joust" is alright, but I'm not totally feeling it, and Dealin' with It's "Haunted" is a rather forgettable slice of NYHC. But only having this many iffy tracks / overall duds out of 23 songs is impressive.

Oh yeah, and there's an exclusive track from OnGuard, at least what was the newest project from former Bound / Kid Dynamite / None More Black frontman Jason Shevchuk. It's raw, but it's honest and quite the grower -- plus it's generally great to hear his voice in any medium. See, OnGuard has since changed their name and decided to form as a full band. Consider this even more of a rarity in that sense.

Generic Insight Volume One provides a welcome introduction to a bunch of new bands for listeners, even ones who already have their ear close to the ground.