Various - Punk You! Vol.1 (Cover Artwork)


Punk You! Vol.1 (1995)


What a nifty comp. this is. It certainly is the most comprehensive of the punk movement of the late 70's and into the early 80's, but thats whats so great about it. Its like someone went and made a really great mix tape, and saved you the trouble. I think the best way to go about this is to go through track by track. I know you all love the track by track reviews.

  • Generation X - "100 Punks" - This band of course featured Billy Idol on vocals, and this is a great song. Its a shame this band doesn't get more credit, cuz this is just as good as anything coming out at the time. Reminds me of a cross between the Clash and the Sex Pistols.
  • The Damned - "Neat, Neat, Neat" - I never really got into the Damned, and this song doesn't exactly change my mind, but it is a good track. Cool machine-gun drum beat.
  • The Buzzcocks - "Orgasm Addict" - I consider this the highlight of this CD. The song is a 3-chord piece of comic genius, complete with masturbation-sound affects. One of this bands better songs.
  • X-Ray Spex - "Oh Bondage (Up Yours)" - Poly Styrene is definitely one of the greatest punk singers. All this shit on this site about female singers sucking is just that....shit. X-Ray Spex were one of the best bands to come out of the punk movement. This band (and actually, this song) influenced many great girl bands like Bikini Kill and Babes in Toyland. The saxophone in this song is great.
  • Adam & The Ants - "Deutscher Girls" - This is what you would expect from Adam Ant. I dont like this song very much. Very new-wavey.
  • Siouxie & The Banshees - "Hong Kong Gardens" - An irritating song from a cool band. This song just reminds me of the Bangles, and thats bad. But, a great female singer, once again.
  • Cockney Rejects - "The Greatest Cockney Ripoff" - This is a great song, with a great riff. This song is the quintessential punk song. 3 chords, a shout-along chorus, and a singer with a slurred British accent. I had never listened to this band, but this is classic.
  • Wire - "Reuters" - I like Wire and all, I mean Pink Flag is a crazy-ass CD, but this song (the lead track off of Pink Flag) is one of my least favorite songs by the band. Its still good, I like it, but its just not one of their better songs. I dunno, if you like Wire, you prolly like this song.
  • Stiff Little Fingers - "Alternative Ulsters" - The band dubbed "The Irish Clash" comes through with a great tune here. It does resemble many a Clash song, but it stands on its own as well. Not much to say about this song. Its a good cut.
  • The Stranglers - "(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)" - This song is just...wierd. Its like punk meets cheezy new wave meets old skool video game music. I like this song in an odd sort of way, and I am surprised this band didn't go further then they did.
  • 999 - "Homocide" - I remember seeing this band in a "Greatest Album Covers" book before I ever heard them. I didn't really like them when I did, and this song doesn't change much. Its got a good singalong chorus, but the song just sounds like it could have been done by Rick Springfield (If he was really pissed off after Jessie's Girl dissed him). Its a weak, poppy tune.
  • Fischer-Z - "The Worker" - Now here is a song that is under-rated! This is a great ska/reggea song, with a new wavish synth thing going on too. I guess this was a minor hit for this band, although I never heard it before this CD. I am hooked on this song.
  • Tom Robinson Band - "2-4-6-8 Motorway" - My boss at a record store I worked at liked this band quite a bit. This songs riff reminds me of AC/DC, which is a bad thing. However, once the vocals kick in, its not half bad. It basically sounds like what would have happened if someone like Tom Petty or Bob Seger went punk rock. Its a good tune overall.
  • Bow Wow Wow - "Radio G-String" - Malcom McLaren's second most popular puppets have a fairly decent song here. This song, like their big hit "I Want Candy", relies heavily on percussion. This is really just dance music, but its an ok song.
  • Rezillos - "Top Of the Pops" - One of the highlights of the disc is this Rezillos track. Great, faced paced riff, and awesome vox. I would like to hear this re-recorded as a Tilt song, because the female vox and the punchy guitar work evoke that group more than anyone else.
  • Blondie - "Attack of the Giant Ants" - OK, I like Blondie, I even like songs like "Heart of Glass" and "Rapture", but I just hate this. This is one of their most boring songs. It has sort of a faux-Carribean sound, and Debbie Harry gives a rather uninspired singing performance. Oh Well, cant win them all.
  • Killing Joke - "Eighties" - Ok, listen to this song, and then listen to Nirvana's "Come as you are". Its the same riff, I swear to God! Its a good song, and its a good way to end this disc. Can't get over the Nirvana thing though.

    So yeah, that was a long review. I recommend this disc, its a good collection of punk gone by. It doesnt have the best songs from the era, nor does it have anything by great bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Fear or Elvis Costello and the Attractions, but it doesn't need to. We all own that stuff anyway. This is a great way to re-discover punk rock.