Against All Authority - All Fall Down (Cover Artwork)

Against All Authority

All Fall Down (1998)


Against All Authority used to be one of the best ska/punk bands around, doing a great job of mixing fast ska with even faster punk to form their unique "fuck you" ska sound.

All Fall Down starts out with the title track. The extremely fast-paced intro basically punches you in the face and continues to beat you until the ska breakdown comes in and saves you. This is one of the best opening songs for a record I've ever heard.

The record itself is one of the best to skate to as well. Songs like "Justification," "Toby," "Daddy's Little Girl," "Louder Than Words" and of course, "Sk8 Rock" are all fast punk songs with a little bit of ska peppered in there to keep things fresh -- great for skating down the street while flipping off traffic.

Then it's time to chill out a bit. "12:00 A.M.," "At Our Expense," "What the Fuck'd You Expect" are slower ska songs with mid-tempo punk verses. They're great refreshers to all the mayem that the album has to offer. "Watered Down & Passive" is the same as the songs mentioned before, except it pretty much stays ska the entire time: slow, fast, slow, get the idea.

The next group of tunes are songs that are just plain AAA. "Stand in Line," "We Don't Need You," "The Mayhem & the Pain," and "Keep Trying" are all plain ska/punk songs that sound like you could put them on Destroy What Destroys You and they would fit right in. These are some of the best AAA songs and they really defined their style.

Finally, the album ends how it began. "When the Rain Begins to Fall" is a straight up breakneck punk song at first, then goes to a smooth ska breakdown. It's in the same style as the opening track "All Fall Down," save for the ska part, which is a bit slower and less energetic.

Along with their first album, All Fall Down ensured AAA's place in the ska/punk world. This was AAA's last official ska record before they took it to more of a punk approach. Although this isn't as good as DWDY, it's the record that got me into AAA and it is still amazing. So if you want to skank your ass off...this is for you.