Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury (Cover Artwork)


Hell Hath No Fury (2006)

Re-Up Gang / Zomba

It's time for another review of a rap record on Punknews. If the ensuing thread turns out even half as entertaining as the one for 36 Chambers, the world/Internet will have become a better place. This site is definitely in need of another of these anyway so we can all see how this isn't "rapnews.blackpeople" or something like that. But enough about the possible hilarity of future comments from the morons that read this site. What's important is that Hell Hath No Fury is closer to a punk record than at the very least 50% of the stuff that's been reviewed lately. You can't honestly say that selling crack on street corners at all hours of the night isn't more punk than hopping a train with your parents' credit card in your shoe.

You could think to yourself "What's punk about bragging about jewelry and women?" and the answer would be, "Not a whole lot." But Hell Hath No Fury is not like that. If anything, it's a tribute to reaching personal enlightenment and the DIY ethic. I mean really, look at this:

The black Martha Stewart
Let me show you how to do it!
Break down pies to pieces
Make cocaine quiches
- from "Ride Around Shining"

You don't get much closer to DIY than Martha Stewart, and you don't get much more punk than talking about how much you "don't fear Tubs and Crockett" like on "Momma I'm Sorry." They might as well be on Profane Existence or something.

The Neptunes handle all of the production duties here, and assuming you know anything about anything, you're stoked. They provide pretty much the perfect musical soundscape for brother Malice and Pusha T to put their clever raps over. From "Wamp Wamp"'s steel drums with Slim Thug on the hook (which you know sounds good if you heard the severely overlooked "Already Platinum") and the dark keyboards of the almost scary "Chinese New Year" ("make niggas kick that can / fall victim to the Click Clack Clan"), to the futuristic-sounding first single "Mr. Me Too," the Neptunes have put out some of their best beats in a good while.

The raps though, that's what you come to a Clipse record for. And shit is totally top notch. Whether acknowledging the label problems with the release of the album ("I'm sorry to the fans but them crackers weren't playing fair at Jive" [Mr. Me Too]) or, well, it's pretty obvious what's going on in "Chinese New Year":
I'm at you door / your eyes are like 'Why are you here?' / judging by my steel I got something to do here / give up the money or the angel cries two tears / front of your crib sounding like Chinese New Year
Mask on face / glock in hand / I was in and out of homes like the Orkin Man
Awesome. Really the only problem with the song is the last weed-carrier verse. So unnecessary. "Nightmares" rules, despite not really living up to the hype for it, but it's still epic and a perfect end for the record.

It's nigh hip-hop perfection for 2006. There's no reason not to love it.