Discharge - Beginning of the End (Cover Artwork)


Beginning of the End (2006)


Discharge has always been a band to be reckoned with since the late `70s, delivering their undisputed wall of of noise that has still yet to be matched by any other band who dares to imitate their sound. The only band to have ever come close to sounding exactly like Discharge was Crucifix, who are also legends in their own right.

Discharge has gotten back into the studio and recorded three new tracks: "The Beginning of the End," "The Blood of the Innocent" and "They Lie, You Die" for an EP with vocalist Rat who also fronts the Varukers. What they captured on tape is the same wall of sound that made them a favorite of both punk fans and metal fans. The band has returned to their roots on this: straightforward d-beat punk with a touch of metal going over a thousand miles an hour. Rat's vocal styling blends perfectly with the bands sound.

This is simply the best material the band has released in years. If this is just a taste of what is to come then I can't wait any longer, as this EP is having me scream for more.