Drawback - Bear Market (Cover Artwork)


Bear Market (2007)

No Pants

Bear Market is the first full-length by the small-time punk trio Drawback. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, these guys know what to do and have the talent to back it up. Constantly coming forward at you, this album is full of fast-paced raging punk songs, or rather very well done pop-punk, that never gives you a break.

The album starts off with a quick guitar riff on "Ellemmeno," which is enough to prepare you for when the album really kicks off with "Lay Me Down," which will have you singing the short quick chorus to yourself for the rest of the day.

As the album progresses, it feels like it just pulls you in more and more. "How to Swim" catches you with a fast-paced bassline and some well-put lyrics that go great with the music: "Everyday I look out my window / I don't know if I am dead / Am I dead?" That goes right into "Heroes in Friends' Clothing," which has the perfect sing-along 'whoa's, making for what may very well be the highlight track of the album.

The album continues to work itself together and cruise smoothly through, and strikes hard with "Last Call," which comes off hard and suddenly slows down and focuses on an almost depressive sonata, flying right back into angry rough guitars. The album finally ends with "Missing Jimmy," which marks the perfect ending to the album and a great riff that fades off into the end, although leaving you wishing for more.

All in all, the album is just great. On repeated listens, Zack and Travis' voices may start to take their toll on you, but the great lyric writing, riffs, basslines, drumlines...hell, EVERYTHING, can make up for it. It's definitely an album that keeps both the music and yourself going, and it's definitely something worth checking out.