Earth Stood Still - Conveyance (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Earth Stood Still

Conveyance (2007)


Earth Stood Still is a likely fit for the rosters of Drive-Thru or Triple Crown Records about 5-10 years ago. The band's first full-length, Conveyance isn't mind-blowing, but it is fully stocked with earnest pop-punk / emo rock in a field once shared by the likes of Hot Rod Circuit, Park and Name Taken.

Oddly enough, the voice of lead singer/guitarist Mike Belveduto sounds exceedingly similar to that of Halifax's Michael Hunau, well prior to that band's current cock rock posturing of course. Musically the two might share a couple influences (for Halifax, circa their Start Back at Start album, that is), but Earth Stood Still are a little more confident, exuberant and guitar-anchored.

"Tonight" has a stupidly catchy hook in "there is a problem with everything we have," while "Walking Away" finds the band at their most downbeat. "Threat Level Midnight" lays down cool riffs and Belveduto expressing the power and control of his vocal range. I think Earth Stood Still automatically earns a few points in my book for a reference to "The Office" anyway, though. "Us or Them Unknown" has a heartache of a chorus and double-tracked vocals, consequently coming off mildly like vintage Taking Back Sunday.

Conveyance is assuredly one of the better efforts of its style this year has seen. In a pool constantly saturated by terrible acts flaunting bad clichés and embarrassing moments, Earth Stood Still manage to execute solid songs without gimmicks or cheesy filler.