Beastie Boys - Aglio E Olio (Cover Artwork)

Beastie Boys

Aglio E Olio (1995)

Grand Royal

From their humble beginnings, the Beastie Boys have evolved into one of the most prolific, inspiring groups in years. But we all know that they were punk before they were hip-hop. So every once in while, they grace us with a guitar-bass-drums rave-up to remind us of what they once were (see ‘Time for Livin'' on Check Your Head and ‘Tough Guy' and ‘Heart Attack Man' on Ill Communication, not to mention all the really early stuff on Some Old Bullshit…).

In 1995, they released The Aglio E Olio EP. Eight tracks that could have been written and recorded in 1983. Straight up hardcore ala MINOR THREAT and, well, themselves. Think ‘Egg Raid on Mojo Part 2.' Yeah! Distorted bass, simple, frantic drums, cheap-distortion-pedal guitars, and lots of hollerin' combine to make this record more than just a throwback.

Highlights include the first track ‘Brand New' and ADRock's wacky guitar noodling, ‘Nervous Assistant's' cool break-down chorus, and Mike D's spoken word interlude in ‘Can't Think Straight' is flat out hilarious. These songs are a testament to times when hardcore was about attitude, not drop-D tuning, playing really fast, and listening to too much Pantera.

Listen and learn, dude.