Deny Everything - Fire This Time (Cover Artwork)

Deny Everything

Fire This Time (2007)


Can't wait for the new Paint It Black or still looking forward to Kid Dynamite's next reunion? You thought Germany only gives us pop-punk and mosh-metal bands? Then you must check out Cologne's devastating old-school melodic punk/hardcore group Deny Everything!

Following their debut self-titled EP (which was close to perfect, by the way), here's the album called Fire This Time, released on Yo-Yo Records. 15 tracks and 21 minutes of powerful, fast and angry, yet catchy power-chording that won't let you stand still even in your room. As a friend of mine said, it's like driving through the city in a tank with a maniac smile on your face. Most of the songs follow the same structure, starting with a whirlwind fast verse part, than a bridge slowing down the tempo and along coming the ultra-melodic, must-dance-to-and-sing-along finish. Granted, there are songs that aren't as strong as the EP's, and maybe it's unlucky that the best tracks were previously available on MySpace.

The lyrics are more "scene critical" compared to the EP, but beyond the usual topics like homophobia sucks and conservative punks fuck off, there are a plenty of surprising ones like (my favourite) letting girls up front at the shows, or sharing your rehearsal room with some pot-smoker hippie band. Vocalist Pablo Dominguez screams his anger and throat out -- even if it will hurt, just remember Jason -- with no compromising.

One of the best (European) punk albums of the year, compulsory for the fans of the aforementioned bands and strongly recommended for anyone who's into melodic punk/hardcore; it won't disappoint you!