Tired From Now On - Romantic (Cover Artwork)

Tired From Now On

Romantic (1996)

No Idea

Besides having the coolest name ever, TIRED FROM NOW ON made the most brutal music to ever come out of Gainesville. After self-releasing a 7" and adding songs to a couple splits and compilations, TFNO post-humously unleashed ‘Romantic.' Nine songs of pure frenzied emotion on see-through, red vinyl only. No CD's, you wussy…

I have never heard of another band even coming close to TFNO's sound. The bass rumbles, the drums gallop, and the guitars intertwine, sometimes seemingly playing two completely different songs, before resulting in all-out discord. But the delivery of the lyrics is what sets them apart from other noise merchants. Major's intense howls seer the ears, burning the words into your brain. In ‘A Friend, No Trend, The End,' listen to him breath in during the silence before screaming "What does he have that I don't?" Wow.

This isn't verse/chorus/verse hardcore. Time and key changes galore keep it interesting and refreshing. The idea of negative space comes into play as well: these songs don't rush in to kill you. They take their sweet time, slowly building or completely stopping and pummel you when they're good and ready.

But the album's best and heaviest (what an understatement…) moment is the amazing guitar riffing in ‘Too Irrational To Teach.' AHHH! The guitar line is continually repeated and repeated and pounded into your head, etching itself in your memory. There is nothing heavier, more furious, more brutal.

After TFNO's demise, some of the players went on to form STRIKEFORCE DIABLO, TRUE NORTH, and others and record amazing albums as well.

Buy a record player.