Wasted Time - No Shore [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Wasted Time

No Shore [7 inch] (2007)

Grave Mistake

While not quite as accomplished as their labelmates, fellow `80s hardcore revivalists (reference points: Poison Idea, SSD) Wasted Time deliver an efficient set of angry tunes on their No Shore 7" EP.

Both sides contain three ragers, which seem to last no more than two minutes apiece. I think my favorite here is "Hey, Pat!", which takes aim at the right-wing Christian televangelist. Granted he's sort of an easy target, but vocalist Mark sounds seriously pissed and basically declares war on him through a fairly articulate call-out ("He likes his women subservient and dumb / He likes his minorities living in slums / [...] / Hateful prophet / Spread your message / Encourage violence / It's a full circle in the end").

Wailing guitars, fluid, moving tempos, hoarsely shouted/screamed vocals...you know the deal. Do I even have to write this review? Eh, I guess, or you probably wouldn't know it exists. But it does, and it's pretty decent.

And So It Goes