Get the Most - Common Goals / Moment in Time [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Get the Most

Common Goals / Moment in Time [7 inch] (2007)

Crucial Response

Get the Most's members already have some experience playing in Pacific Northwest hardcore bands like Go It Alone and Blue Monday, so naturally their three EPs thus far (the Core Values demo, Common Goals 7" and Moment in Time 7", now all released by German hardcore label Crucial Response Records) contain an incredibly well-done, upbeat style of that variety.

Musically, Get the Most doesn't stray terribly far from the past endeavors of their members, and what they play you've likely heard before. But the way they channel late `90s Boston youth crew (Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes) through the oceanic lens of their geographic location on the other side of the country is sort of unique -- plus the songs are just stupidly fun. Note the way vocalist Kyle delivers some of his lines in songs like "Break Out" and the catchy "Pass It On" (from Moment in Time).

Crucial Response's Common Goals release puts the 7" of the same name on compact disc and tacks on the tracks from the Core Values cassette for good measure. What results is an 11-song, 19-minute juggernaut of rock much like Moment in Time. Happily, none of the tracks are re-recorded, offering all new songs. I think I prefer Core Values a little, if only due to the immediate familiarity the tracks seem to present (Insted cover and all). Both 'sides' are solid, though.

Get the Most pass along a fun alternative to this style of hardcore while never necessarily dipping into standard melodic territory. Now it's time to see if they can make it last over the course of a whole full-length.

Material Desires (Common Goals)

Download the entire Core Values demo

Pass It On (Moment in Time)