Health - Health (Cover Artwork)
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Health (2007)

Lovepump United

Health might be one of the most frustrating Google searches going right now, but they also carry with them a sound that harkens back to Liars' most discordant, freakish, and simply weird days.

Health's self-titled full-length offers noisy, super experimental rock for every one of its 11 tracks, nary the few times where rock seems taken entirely out of the equation (opener "Heaven," for one). The first sign of vocals comes in the third track, "Triceratops," with hushed, mantra-like chanting (which sets its general feel in place for the album) joined by percussive fits and light programming echoes. Some rather normal drum rolls open "Crimewave," proving that there might be a solid pattern established in it -- and there is, but with various instruments taking turns and only momentarily. That song ends abruptly and segues into "Courtship," with spastic, staccato howls and screams. More creepy background vocals pop up in "Tabloid Sores," with nervously strummed guitars, broken drum fills and even more impulsive, light-in-the-mix yelps. Hipsters should be siked about the dancey "Glitter Pills."

Health is an interesting listen, because while the band probably intend to take you well out of your comfort zone, anyone remotely knowledgeable of the Liars' back catalog will actually find some pleasing familiarity with it.