Morning Glory / Leftover Crack / F-Minus / Bent Outta Shape - The Kids Are Gonna Pay... [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Morning Glory / Leftover Crack / F-Minus / Bent Outta Shape

The Kids Are Gonna Pay... [7 inch] (2006)


Here's a neat little item. In 2006, Blacknoise Records, run by F-Minus and Leftover Crack's Brad Logan, released a four-way split 7" that seemed to be more of a collector's item than a sampler disc. Featuring three Crack Rock Steady-affiliated bands and one odd ball, the record almost has a cohesive purpose but then falls short at the end not because of song quality, but because of theme.

The set opens with Morning Glory's "All My Friends," which exhibits the musical direction the band took on their Whole World Is Watching EP. Ezra's voice soars over top of some catchy hooks. The Leftover Crack track might be the most interesting tune featured as it features the band halfway through its transformation that began with the first LP and completed on the recent Citizen Fish split release. While that jumpy ska beat still lingers, the band is much smoother sounding á la Side B of Fuck World Trade. The departed F-Minus plays a 7 Seconds cover in the blunt-hitting yet sharp sounding unique F-Minus style that no one seems to be able to replicate. The EP rounds itself out with an interesting choice, "I Don't Know" by Bent Outta Shape. While the BOS song is some good, Clash-inspired punk, it's much more lighthearted than its predecessors and throws a loop after three songs of nastier punk.

With the inclusion of the three related bands and then Bent Outta Shape, the intended direction of this release is somewhat muddled. Surely a live Stza acoustic performance, a rare INDK tune, or even something from the Crack Rock Steady Siete could have been unearthed. So, while the music on the record is good, one can't help but wonder what's the purpose of it. Of course, with all of Stza's nihilistic lyrics, that's kind of fitting: There is no purpose.