Riverdales - Riverdales (Cover Artwork)


Riverdales (1995)


Simplicity. It's what we all should strive for. The more clustered and complicated we make our lives, the worse things will get.

The Riverdales embody simplicity. As a hard-hitting three piece, The Riverdales strip modern punk of effects, mixing and matching styles, and rich-man quality production. What's left is a loud, three chord sonic assault in the vein of the Ramones and Green Day. This album was produced by Mass Giorgini and Billie Joe Armstrong, if that tells you anything. Most of the songs are upbeat, but my two favorites are ironically the slower tunes "Back to You" and "I Think About You During The Commercials". Oh yes, if I haven't mentioned it already, this band features Ben, Dan and Dan from Screeching Weasel!

If punk rock has gotten a little too complex for you lately, the Riverdales are a great place to start getting back to the simple life. No gimicks, no emo, no hardcore, no hair gel, no guitar solos, nothing but good power-punk. If you like Green Day, the Ramones, or Screeching Weasel, you'll definitley enjoy this record.