Stadium - Change of Plans, We're Coming Home (Cover Artwork)


Change of Plans, We're Coming Home (2007)


Forget the new Jimmy Eat World; I've heard it and it's not what we wanted. As blasphemous as that sounds, it supports my next claim; Stadium's Change of Plans, We're Coming Home could take its place.

Giant hooks, weaving dual vocals, and not to mention a great packaging job make this Houston band's debut EP surpass most bands doing the pop-post-punk thing. It's no surprise, as the band is comprised of Houston music veterans and Negative Progression alumni, Little Compass, a band who was not afraid to mix mathy guitar work with off-time drumming.

With just an EP, a band doesn't have much time to make an impression on the listener. That's not a problem when every song is as big and full of life as the last, building a stage for Beshara and Stillwell's dual vocals. This record gets straight to the point and really only leaves the request for more songs...

Fans of old Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World or Hey Mercedes, REJOICE!

[originally written for Mammoth Press]