Small Arms Dealer - Patron Saint of Disappointment (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Small Arms Dealer

Patron Saint of Disappointment (2007)

Deep Elm

On Patron Saint of Disappointment, Long Island's Small Arms Dealer manage to craft a pretty catchy, melodic punk rock affair that's considerably more enjoyable and memorable than previous efforts.

Maybe it's a rare personal opinion, but 2006's A Single Unifying Theory seemed to blow by without any discernably interesting moments. However, Disappointment does anything but, with some rousing vocals, energetic flow and diverse songs. The band still charismatically confide in the listener with some bruised, bitter narratives and self-deprecation, but they're simply made more stirring this time around by their surrounding chords. There's a lot of melodic punk anthems that cram the 13-song full-length, making it a pretty ideal fit in the No Idea catalog.

The record begins with a completely "Law & Order" style voiceover on "Fake Beard. Real Moustache" announcing "Previously, on Small Arms Dealer..." It's actually kind of funny, and when some guitar is softly strummed immediately after, it just works. That soft riff eventually erupts into a series of uplifting "whuh-uh-uh-oh"s. Other standouts include "Small Arms Dealer Makes Baby Jesus Cry" and "Oh, My Stars and Martyrs."

Patron Saint of Disappointment is by no means outstanding, but at least in this reviewer's view is a definite improvement. Small Arms Dealer have some captivating qualities -- maybe not enough to fill a 40-or-so-minute record, but they're definitely getting there.

"Whole Company's Countin' on Ya"
Fake Beard. Real Moustache [clip]
Who Farted? [clip]
Small Arms Dealer Makes Baby Jesus Cry [clip]
Poltergeist! Poltergeist! [clip]

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