Screw 32 - Under the Influence of Bad People (Cover Artwork)

Screw 32

Under the Influence of Bad People (1997)

Fat Wreck Chords

Screw 32. It is a real shame they broke up. This album is good. Really good. Why? For being one of the semi-early Fat bands, they don't have that particular Fat sound which most critics say exist. It's got punk elements but I don't think that is quite the correct class to play them under (not that they have to be put into a class to begin with).

The album starts off with "My Crazy Life" which immediately sets a tone for the album: a dark, dynamic and mysteriously daunt tone. This album has some pretty good production values thanks to it's crunchy guitar sound which lead certain songs while drumming and bass help push as well. The vocals, much like the band, have a very unique sound which helps put this band in a category of it own even more.

Some of the punk sounding songs are "Misunderstood", "Paint This Town Red", "Something You Said" and "Sticks and Stones". Other songs like "Sick To Death", "Black Marker" and "One Time Angels" are a bit slower but all still pack quite a punch.

This struck me as a dark album. There isn't one goofy or funny song on it, unlike a lot Fat releases. The lyrics are quite metaphoric and no one specific topic can be extracted from a song.

I discovered this band after I bought the Fat Wreck Chords home video "Peepshow" where the band has a video of them playing, "Misunderstood". Good stuff.

Man, this band was really good. Hopefully more people will realize the power they once had and word with get out and then they might get back together. I can only hope.

Again, for $10 bucks, this album is very worthy of your ownership.