GDP - Involvement (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Involvement (2007)

Division East

GDP is a barely 20-year-old kid from New Jersey who's already spitting fire on his debut, Involvement. With a pen that's already leaking lyrical cleverness, memorable tunes with original sounding and diverse beats and a flow that's rugged but punctual and intelligible á la Immortal Technique, Involvement is a seriously promising release.

This might not come as a huge shock to anyone already familiar with Division East Records, a New Jersey-based label with a couple mix tapes to its name and practically a farming system for underground hip-hop in the Garden State. Involvement could definitely be one of their most accessible yet accomplished releases, though.

You'd think GDP had hitwriters team up with him for "Namedroppers," a stupidly catchy number that one prays him or his label has already sent to college radio. The second track in, GDP offers a humorous but scathing little indictment upon those guilty of the action implied in its title (some quoted examples abound).

Some of his labelmates pop in to spice things up. GDP could probably carry an EP like this well enough on his own, but G. Wallace helps make the 'timing is everything'-themed "Potential" a fun romp, while the smooth "ReEvaluate" with Shape is a relaxed but energetic cut backed by its key, lazy horn line. The two tracks even sandwich a soft, well-done interlude in "Halftime."

Involvement is crafted with careful thought, an attention that helps nearly each one of its songs stand out. GDP is already up (just check out the back cover); Involvement ensure he's also coming.

Potential [feat. G. Wallace]