Morning Glory - The Whole World Is Watching (Cover Artwork)

Morning Glory

The Whole World Is Watching (2003)


Morning Glory's The Whole World Is Watching EP opens up with gang chants of the album title followed by a righteous intro and an opening song fit to be played by a band headlining the final concert of the planet before acid rain, alien pandemics, and vacuum/thermobaric bombs cause bloody armageddon to kill us all. That is just the first song, and the rest of the CD follows it up wholeheartedly and hits just as hard. Musically, overall, it is really, really good.

Morning Glory is one of the Choking Victim-related bands in some way or another. I haven't heard This Is No Time ta Sleep, but speaking for this EP only, their crack music is the most accessible of the bunch I've heard. To give perspective, it's a little more approachable than INDK's Kill Whitey!. It sounds very smooth, like crusty squat punk that was recorded in a squeaky clean production studio. It sounds violent while maintaining fast melodies, and crusty while sounding different and more polished than the rest of the CRS7 bands.

Musically, this entire EP is excellent -- five songs out of five. The best part of the EP is that the first song pumps you up so much that you expect the remaining songs to get progressively worse, which is the opposite of what happens. I stay completely tuned in until the very last note. The last track, "Gimme Heroin" is a short and insanely catchy ska song. It's like, as our parents would say if they could even begin to stomach this type of music, icing on the cake.

Lyrically, this EP alternates between great lyrics, and poorly written or childish ones. The childish lyrics are probably tongue-in-cheek half of the time, but that doesn't account for the other half. Regardless, they always maintain a good and or unique message…

Lyrics from the first song like, "Are you willing to die / For a president-sized lie? / For a man you've never met? / Why ask why? / We stick our brother / While the whole wide world is watching," are followed by, "School is bullshit / I don't need you to educate / I don't need you to pave my way / I don't need you're approval, k? / I don't need you to educate me." Some may say that those are both good lyrics, but I sure as hell wouldn't mind a little more depth than "School is bullshit."

The first, third, and fifth songs have good lyrics; two and four don't. Just because I want to post them, the best lyrics are: "Objectify your inner hate and turn it into truth / I used to feel that way sometimes / But mainly as a youth / Of primal instinct all men own an equal stock in hate / There's no primal instinct urging you to tolerate."

To be clear though, I can't turn "Gimme Heroin" loud enough. This song will get stuck it your head for indeterminable amounts of time and there is nothing you can do about it. You'll be walking to first period having just left your locker, singing "I said fuck this piece of shit school / 'cuz I'm on the drug / Gimme heroin / Jackin' up again," and before you know it, they have drug dogs, SWAT teams, National Guards and all the rest of it searching your locket and exploring your body cavities. And then they'll let you go back to class and you can continue third grade in peace. Case in point: Buy this EP if you even remotely like this type of music, because it is fantastic and friendly and good crack rock steady shit.

[Apparently there is a reissue out now, with four more songs: three demos and one from the Suicide Singles. I do not have that version, but I did read from an unreliable source that those songs are "quality."]