As Friends Rust - As Friends Rust (Cover Artwork)

As Friends Rust

As Friends Rust (1998)


The Gainesville FL. scene...a scene that has gained considerable popularity over the past 2 or so years. A lot of the bands who hail from this north central FL city are respected as being some of the most emotional, hard driven musical acts come along in ages.

I could start a list, but no. One special band I'm here to talk about, they go by the name As Friends Rust. I literally had to sit down somewhere after hearing this amazing release. This band captures that "something" that very few bands hold.

The music put forth is very unpolished. the crunchy guitar, and low pitch snare beats give the songs a great live feel. As well as Damiens' vocals, sometimes a monotone sound, but he can also produce an almost hardcore yell to a near whisper. And the lyrics? Well, they could be a review in themselves. Some of the best I've read, complicated yet understandable.

An awesome band...You really need to hear these guys. Very raw, emotion drenched post-hardcore. 5 songs in a quick 12 minutes... buy it, pop it in and press repeat.

    "Know what you fucking get?..Molotov cocktail that's what you fucking get"