Brandtson - Trying to figure each other ou (Cover Artwork)


Trying to figure each other ou (1998)

Deep Elm

Man, I like just about anything Deep Elm puts out. Brandtson is no exception. The guys produce very unique, sweet melodic music that just treats your ears so well.

The musical description from my point of view is mixed. From almost ballad-ish tempo to pretty hard rocking at points. very smooth guitar, and one great voice.

"Sic Transit Gorilla", "Leaving Ohio", "Boys Lie" and "Bricks and Windows" all mark great songs. Very on the mark, nothing sloppy at all about this EP at all. Brandtson knew exactly what they wanted to accomplish and did it.

Yeah, Yeah it might fit your typical description of "emo" which is loosely used these days. But it seems Brandtson go beyond all that...I just call it rock, plain and simple. 6 tracks in near 30 mins. seems long, but you get so pulled in so time dosen't matter.

Anyway, great recording...I suggest you most definitley give them a listen.