Motorleague - White Tape (Cover Artwork)
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White Tape (2007)

Gun to Head

Someone toss me me a jean jacket, because it's time to get this party started.

Moncton, New Brunswick's the Motorleague are the remedy for anything that is wrong with punk rock today. The Motorleague is comprised of members of some of Moncton's most pivotal punk and rock bands, including the Ditchpigs, Cohesive, Monoxides and I Capture the Castle, bands that you may not have heard of while living in, say, Michigan, but anyone living in Eastern Canada knows well how much the members of this new band have contributed to the scene out here.

Deciding not to waste any time after forming last year, the Motorleague have blasted out of the gate. White Tape is their first recorded effort and the band have spend considerable time playing behind it. While you might not expect a band in its infancy to produce a truly enjoyable record, especially after having jumped into things so fast, White Tape exhibits none of the typical freshman flaws.

With the members of the band having such a varied musical background it's not surprising to hear a mix of influences coming through in their sound. However, it might best be described as a mix of Propagandhi and C'mon, in that they have an obvious affection for power metal riffs and the occasional solo, but at the same time don't let those indulgences get in the way of of writing simply great rock-influenced punk rock.

The Motorleague's White Tape is a no-frills affair. It's a simple album full of powerful, passionate songwriting, which is no surprise considering the experience of the members of the band. The only weakness is that the background vocals occasionally seem out of place or awkwardly mixed. Even then, that rarely gets in the way of enjoying songs like "Corporate Dimentia" and "Face Time with the Boss."

As the band continues to heavily tour in support of the album, don't say I didn't warn you when they come through your town.