Kid Dynamite - Kid Dynamite (Cover Artwork)

Kid Dynamite

Kid Dynamite (1998)

Jade Tree

Could Dan Yemin, of Lifetime fame, pull off another masterpiece? He pulled off two with Lifetime. With Kid Dynamite's first album, he pulled off another.

Formed in 1998, Kid Dynamite consisted of Jason Shevchuk (vocals), Steve Ferrell (bass), Dave Wagenschutz (drums), and of course Yemin, displaying his excellent skills on guitar.

Jade Tree signed the band, and in 1998, the self titled was released. This work displayed Kid Dynamite as one of the leading hardcore acts in the scene. That title was well deserved, as Kid could do something that so many bands couldn't. What is that? Display nearly the same level of intensity on the stage as you do on the record.

The lyrics on this album are so angrily intense, but they are so amazing. You will not get the true meanings of this band unless you sit down and follow along with the booklet. I could imagine that Jason's voice must have been killing him after a while. Screaming hurts. Remember that kids.

Dan Yemin. What can I say? Yemin is one of the best hardcore guitarists I've ever heard in my life. The guy can play. I'll look forward to his future projects. Ferrell's bass work is very good also, as is Wagenschutz's drum work.

Kid Dynamite's lyrical topics are much varied. Ranging from the usual girls suck to the just all out rage anger, tales of lonely hardcore tales. Among other things, media deception is the setting for News At 11, one of my favorite tracks of album. Shevchuk just breaks in, the screaming begins, "This just in...another victim died tonight What's the score? What's the story?" It's gripping.

Each song, may it be a lyric, guitar riff, or what not, each song has a moment, small or large, something that just takes you back and shocks you to pieces each listen. Some of my other favorites on the album are Bookworm, The Ronald Miller Story, and Pacifier. Of course, that's just my opinion, and way aside from the main point this review is trying to prove.

Kid Dynamite's first album was, and always will be a masterpiece. It will influence hardcore bands down the line. Hell, it probably already has. If you loved Lifetime, you'll love this. Or, if you're just looking for a good hardcore listen, pick this up. You'll thank me.