Riff Randells - Doublecross (Cover Artwork)

Riff Randells

Doublecross (2007)


I love Dirtnap Records. The label just puts out quality records. With a history of putting out full-lengths from the Exploding Hearts, the Ergs!, the Briefs, the Epoxies, Modern Machines, High Tension Wires, Marked Men, New Town Animals, and the Spits it is hard to not like the label, unless you just don't like pop-punk-rock. With this great history I just assume anything the label puts out is going to be good.

Well, even Muhammad Ali got knocked out.

The Riff Randells' full-length Doublecross is truly original. The album is sort of like the material from comedian Carlos Mencia: Both the band and the comedian do not use clichés.

The chorus, "All I know is how to rock and roll," on the song "All I Know"? Definitely not a cliché.

The chorus, "You're the only one," on the song "The Only One," is definitely not a cliché as well.

The chorus, "You're nothing baby, nothing without me," on the song "Nothing Without Me," is pretty original as well.

The Riff Randells also do not use the words baby/babe/boy/he/she, which may be the first time in history those words have not been used on a pop-punk album.

Okay, I'm done with this horrible attempt at sarcasm. The Riff Randells play pop-punk that would probably fall somewhere in between the Unlovables and the Groovie Ghoulies. There are a few good songs on Doublecross, but overall the CD is just not very good, and the lyrics are pretty bad. The music is alright, but it has been done thousands of times before.

I'm sure seeing the Riff Randells live would be a fun show, and they are probably good people who like to have fun, but unfortunately, this album is just dull.