The Bad Touch - Shadowcasters (Cover Artwork)

The Bad Touch

Shadowcasters (2006)


Shadowcasters is an experiment in poor combinations. Whether it's the blues meets alt-rock sound of "Could You Be the One," the Interpol meets OK Go cadence of "Father Destroyer," or the Foo Fighters meets shit tone of "Save Your Last Breath," the Bad Touch are an uninteresting and awkward rock act.

I know what you're thinking: There's got to be something to salvage this EP, like lyrics, production, or energy. Well, no, no, and (I'm sure you guessed it) no. From the opener's declaration of "I need someone to put their arms around me / make me feel real warm / I need someone to put their arms around me / could you be the one" to the closer's faux-tear laments of "The streets, they are so hungry / they feed on our pain, but give love the same way," it is clear that lyrical content is not exactly a priority for the Bad Touch. These rather paltry lines are then bellowed over some radio-ready rock tones delivered by a band that seem disinterested in their own project. The guitars have an artificial shine, the organ lacks warmth, and the drums hit with the force of an infant.

All musical problems aside, I'd say it's also probably not a good idea for your artwork to be a three-year-old's rendition of a bird shitting fire, but hey, maybe that's just me.