I Adapt - Chainlike Burden (Cover Artwork)
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I Adapt

Chainlike Burden (2007)


I Adapt is a harsh Icelandic outfit that, if symbolic of the entire country's hardcore scene, proves they're representing one of the more impressive and progressive "communities."

While I'm sure it's purely coincidental (in all fairness, the band have been around since 2000), Chainlike Burden bears similarities to the massive boldness of November Coming Fire, the forward-thinking angularity of Achilles, the metallic crunch of the Hope Conspiracy and vocal traits from all three. Throughout the album's course, I Adapt continually provide dynamic, textured songs that often feature traditional tempos and an incredible restraint within the same song. Never is there a lacakadasical 1-2 fuck you, but the band band manage some truly angry and fast-paced moments.

Chainlike Burden seems to start recycling some ideas by its second half, and therefore it's a lot more interesting during its early portions. However, none of it is necessarily bad, and it takes out the album to a close in good enough fashion.

This is a surprisingly good effort though, with lots of similarities to some other accomplished bands while retaining its own identity. I Adapt's already been around for seven years, a decent amount of time for someone playing this music -- hopefully they stick around twice as long and put out some really groundbreaking records, since it seems they've got the potential.

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