Sprung Monkey - Get A Taste (Cover Artwork)

Sprung Monkey

Get A Taste (2001)


Disclaimer: Yes I know this is Punknews.org, But here lately this site has seen some great, diverse reviews that aren't exactly deemed "punk". I believe this site has developed into such a great place to share thoughs and opinions about the music we love...punk or not. So may I take the liberty?

Sprung monkey? What comes to mind?? They are not punk, although they have strong punk elements and influences. I like to think of them this way... If Incubus and Sublime had a kid it would be Sprung Monkey.

The music itself this time around is a hell of a lot catchier than their past releases. More melodic, and a lot more emphasis on guitar technics. But while changing that on this release, they still add the hip hop, funk, metal and punk stylings of their other records.

The album begins with "What's that you say?" one of my favorite tracks from this record. Followed by the surfy title track "Get a Taste". It follows that rock/mellow/rock pattern for 50 full minutes..and it kinda leaves you wondering, Was that the same band on the entire disc? Partly because all the songs sound so different.

A good album a few songs miss my tastes slightly but they remainder is a catchy plethora of different sounds. The monkey has hit the mark this time. Good album check it out..if you expecting another Mr Funny Face, you'll be dissapointed. But Appreciate the turn they have made.