Various - Punk Rock! 20 Classic Punk Bands from the World of Mystic Records (Cover Artwork)
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Punk Rock! 20 Classic Punk Bands from the World of Mystic Records (2006)


Many of you may be familiar with some of the infamous hardcore compilations from the early `80s -- stuff like Bloodstains Across California, The Eastern Front, This Is Boston, Not L.A., Killed by Death or the multiple Dischord and SST compilations. Well, here we have a new release from Mystic Records very similar in that vein to those early releases: 20 nihilistic blasts of `80s hardcore, ranging from the relatively obscure (Doggy Style, Flower Leperds) to the very well-known (Suicidal Tendencies, NOFX) and everthing in between (Government Issue, Dr. Know, Agression).

In comparison to the best of those early `80s compilations, this collection holds up suprisingly well. Opening with the hilariously cruel "I Saw Your Mommy" by the Suicidal Tendencies, we are given the tone for the rest of the songs: snotty and devious. We get a few surprise gems from artists that I have personally never heard of, such as the Flower Leperds' really cool "Necrology" or the amiable pop-punk of "Donut Shop Rock" by Doggy Style. Other standout tracks are "Locals Only" by nardcore band Agression, "Middle America" by original "skatepunks" JFA, and "Plain to See" by Washington, D.C.'s always wonderful Government Issue.

Is this a "must-have" record? No, not by any stretch of the imagination. But it does a very good job of putting together a fresh collection of old-school bands that many people new to hardcore punk should at least check out in some form.