Underoath / Every Time I Die - live in New York (Cover Artwork)

Underoath / Every Time I Die

live in New York (2007)

live show

Just about on time, the lights dimmed and the sounds of "Born in the USA" started to fill the Nokia Times Square Theater. Within 30 seconds, pot smoke was filling the air and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster came onto the stage with some run-of-the-mill metalcore. The cue was given and kids were already dancing in the pit. It only took two songs to be punched in the mouth. As I stood there watching Maylene, I realized that I just wasn't a fan of generic metalcore. Sure, people seemed to be enjoying it, but it seemed like that kind of enjoyment you get when you know something is cheesy. They took a second out of their set to play a goofy bass riff and introduce the whole band, telling the crowd how the guitarist was playing with a broken hand. At one point, the guitarist was playing while standing on the backs of two guys on stage, which was kind of cool. My end comparisson for them was: new-ish ETID if it was less interesting and more influenced by straight-up metal. They closed with the song "Roaming," announcing its place on "Guitar Hero III." I wasn't exactly impressed, just anxious.

Believe it or not, I might have less to say about Poison the Well, but that's due to them playing really really well. Opening with "Ghost Chant," PTW blasted the crowd right into a high-energy set consisting of songs from all over their discography. The crowd intensified noticably, as if someone gave the cue to go apeshit. Getting pushed around next to a drunk girl smoking a cigarette almost took away from the song, but PTW was putting on a great show. The entire crowd was enthusiastic for the Floridian band. For the most part, most of their fans got crazier for their older songs and seemed as if they weren't as familiar with the newer material on Versions. This was most noticable transitioning from the screams of "I could / never / swallow your false ideals / of a / lifeless / happy ending" in "Artists Rendering of Me" to "Nagaina," where the crowd took a breath for the duration of the slower song. As expected, the high point of the set was "Nerdy," but the band still managed to keep the intensity going for the rest of their set, closing with "Botchla."

Every Time I Die was up next, with me seeing them for the first time in over a year, but my fifth overall. Realizing prior to the show that I really enjoy their new album, The Big Dirty, my perfect set might have been them playing the album straight through. While their set list wasn't far off, they still played a decent mix of material, although there was nothing off Last Night in Town. They opened with "No Son of Mine" and damn, did it sound good. Next they played "The New Black," and I was just glad to get it over with in the beginning of the set. For the most part, their songs were spot-on and while I've heard that Keith's voice hasn't been the greatest in their live shows as of late, I have nothing but good things to say. However, one complaint I've had about every one of ETID's live shows since Hot Damn! is that they slow down "Ebolarama" when they play it, and this show was no different. During "Bored Stiff," ETID told the crowd that they wouldn't play the song if they didn't see an awesome circle pit. Twenty seconds into the song, it was apparent that the pit wasn't big enough. Deciding to make sure they played the whole song, I ran into the pit and within three seconds only had one lens left in my glasses. Finishing a great set, Greg Puciato from Dillinger Escape Plan came on stage to help finish the set with "Killing the Music," an appropriate set closer.

Not being a huge fan of Underoath, I took advantage of the seats in the back of the Nokia Theater. I must say they're comfortable after getting your ass kicked in a hardcore show. The majority of their set can be described mostly as annoying. I recognized only two songs off They're Only Chasing Safety, one being "It's Dangerous Business...". There was lots of angry, sporadic screaming and guitar I couldn't make out throughout the set, but worst of all were the flashing yellow and white lights that made me thankful for not being an epileptic. As I glanced over at the kid sleeping next to me, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or be envious. Even my friend, who is a fan of Underoath, wasn't digging the set. The talk about loving Jesus near the end of their set told me that it was our time to leave.

Set lists:


  • Ghost Chant
  • song from Versions
  • Artists Rendering of Me
  • Nagaina
  • Zombies Are Good for Your Health
  • (two songs I was unsure of)
  • Nerdy
  • Letter Thing
  • Botchla
  • No Son of Mine
  • New Black
  • Cities and Years
  • Floater
  • Apocalypse Every Now and Then
  • Pigs Is Pigs
  • Ebolarama
  • Bored Stiff
  • We'rewolf
  • Killing the Music [w/ Greg from DEP]