Arms Aloft - Demo (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Arms Aloft

Demo (2007)


Is there enough Orgcore in your life? No? Well, take a gander at Eau Claire, Wisconsin's Arms Aloft and witness a key three of their many influences: Dillinger Four, Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music.

Granted, you and I wouldn't think that such a potent, gravelly and melodic punk rock sound would come out of the state, but here we are, listening to a seriously promising band who takes from the aforementioned to create a sound that occasionally provides similarities to those bands and None More Black. After all, check out opener "Dreams Are Dogs That Die in Their Kennels" -- you've got a forceful, deep-throated singer and a chord progression so bouncy this company's probably moshing.

This very demo contains five songs that should get your fist pumping and your body moving. Scope it!

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