Tegan and Sara - I'll Take the Blame (Cover Artwork)

Tegan and Sara

I'll Take the Blame (2007)

Vapor / Sire

Tegan and Sara's digital-only (released exclusively via iTunes November 13th) five-song EP I'll Take the Blame, is exactly what it seems: an excuse to release a couple B-sides. It is also a double single of sorts as well, beginning with the first single off the duo's latest offering The Con, "Back In Your Head," and ending with the video for the latest single, "The Con."

The first of the three ‘new' tracks is a dance remix of "Back in Your Head." Tiesto's remix of the track does its best to give the song a new feel (other than its obvious dance feel) by removing the piano line which gave the original its backbone. In doing so, the song feels quite empty, but when the piano kicks back in at the end of the chorus, the sense of relief is tangible. The two B-sides, "One Second" and "I Take All the Blame," appear to have been abandoned early in the recording process, as each song features nothing but the girls' voices and a keyboard backing. Not to say that "One Second" is a bad song, but it was left off the album with good reason. The song feels too much like Tegan and Sara's old material, which would have only dimpled The Con's wonderful flow. "I Take All the Blame" is very pretty, possessing the potential to be a lovely song once flushed out. The keyboard line is a little quirky, but works well with the vocal melody; the simple addition of acoustic guitar may have been enough to bring the song into its own.

The new tracks plus the video for "The Con" make I'll Take the Blame a worthwhile purchase for fans, but should not be taken as any more than that: a little something extra for their existing fanbase.