Bollweevils - Stick Your Neck Out (Cover Artwork)


Stick Your Neck Out (1993)


The Bollweevils top the list of "hardcore punk bands from Chicago that never should have broken up". If they were still a band, they'd be neck deep in offers from Epitaph and Fat.

This is their debut full length. Excluding a couple songs, it's an all around winner. Fast, melodic, talent-filled, and unique. The vocals are the only questionable part of the band, but it doesn't take long to get used to them. While songs like "The Witness" are among my favorites of all time, songs like "Dehumanize" scrape the bottom of the 'bad song barrell'. Also, I stand firm on my beliefs that a punk record should have more than 12 songs, but what can you do. However, the good far outweighs the bad on "Stick Your Neck Out".

If you like your punk hard and fast, with poppy-emo miles away, then the Bollweevils are most likely somewhere in your collection already. If they are not, this is a great album to start with.