Pomegranates - Two Eyes (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Two Eyes (2007)


I don't frequently bask in the deliciousness of pomegranate-flavored Snapple, but when I do it's always a unique treat. The same will likely be said for the debut EP of a Cinncinati-based act who decided to take on such a name. Pomegranates' Two Eyes EP is a sweet, five-song release of pleasant indie pop songwriting.

"The Children's Progress" starts innocuously enough, with frail, high-pitched vocals over a super fuzzy keyboard; however, it soon breaks into a celebratory, fast-paced (in this context) number. "Nursery Magic" rears back a bit, opting for some octave-like picking to set an atmosphere, a few handclaps and a rhythmic little bounce. Two Eyes even ends with a catchy, group-shouted vocal melody.

Pomegranates use just enough varied instrumentation to their advantage, with samples, keys and acoustic guitars creating enough different sounds to prevent monotony. Reference points seem hard to come by here, but perhaps picture a more stripped down Anathallo, as the two seem to share a lot of musical and aesthetic traits (however, no horns here).

Two Eyes is definitely an original little release, from its oversized, construction paper-derived packaging to the twinkling, aeronautic, and bouncy songs contained inside. The band has since signed to Lujo Records and has a full-length in the can, so we'll soon see if they capitalize on their assured potential.

The Children's Progress
Osidius the Emphatic
We Could've Escaped, But No One Was Interested