Moneen - The Theory of Harmonial Value (Cover Artwork)


The Theory of Harmonial Value (2001)


When I first heard Moneen, I didn't get it:were these guys emo, or alternative or what the hell? Slowly, I began to listen to this CD more and more and eventually it became one of my favourites. I may still not know "what" Moneen is but I do know who they are: one of the most intellegent, talented and unique bands around.

In addition to having super long song titles, The Theory Of Harmonial Value also gives up ten songs that are so different than eachother that you'd think that this was some sort of "anthology" or greatest hits album. From the poppy, "What better way to show your love the a set of broken legs" to the dark, "Tonight I'm gone", the whole album flows together nicely in a delicate balance between chaos and beauty.

Some might dub this emo or whatever but to me it's just an excellent meaningful disc. If you've seen them live then you know that the band, can make you feel sad, happy, and can make you laugh, all in one show. Not many bands can do that