White York - Changing the Wheel [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

White York

Changing the Wheel [7 inch] (2007)


Upstate New York's White York step it up a bit on their new 7', Changing the Wheel. On the band's previous release, a self-titled demo, I basically described them as an act attempting a folk-punk type of sound but due to the singer's voice coming off strangely like Embrace. With Changing the Wheel, the band come much closer to their intended sound.

The A-side is the title track, an upbeat number, sorta jangly number with that vocalist's signature ramble of a delivery. It's a definitively catchy number and its generally happy nature makes it a great little song. The B-side is "Very Hi-Fi Devices," a sorta ballad with some twinkly xylophone plinks, the singer coming off rather pleading at first. It's hard to get its intro out of your head.

Both songs are definitely pretty memorable and solid in their own right, and economical at a shade under three minutes apiece. And, it's packaged in neat, screen-printed artwork. White York may have developed their sound just enough to deliver a solid full-length soon.

Changing the Wheel