Romans - All Those Wrists (Cover Artwork)
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All Those Wrists (2007)


Romans play metalcore, and because of this and their name, you're probably thinking, "Great, another Botch ripoff." The truth is -- not quite. While there is hints of that band on Romans' self-released full-length, All Those Wrists, the album often seems more tastefully in line with the full-throttle charge of Converge and Isis' heavier moments.

Because of this, All Those Wrists is an immediately impressive release. The band pummel forth with a guttural scream and pulsating riffs for twelve tracks that, while sometimes sounding the same, are economical and well-done. Opener "The Last Fifty-Eight Quatrains of the Seventh Century" is a hard-charging burst, while the middle of the album packs a fierce, original punch as well: "Manbeam" is an instrumental interlude that leads into the similarly slow-churning "Tidepool," then comes the mathy, frenetic pair of "Towing Anchors" and "Depths." "Carve Up and Give Away" is a definite standout, for its emboldened approach and wailing riffs.

For such a young band (they just formed 13 months ago) having released a record DIY this good-looking sonically and aesthetically, credit is definitely due. With the right producer and some more memorable songwriting, Romans could really be going places -- and I don't just mean through the conquering of other European civilizations.

Nail, Nail, Nail
All Those Wrists
Smear Merchant
Carve Up and Give Away