Fisticuffs Bluff - Fisticuffs Bluff (Cover Artwork)

Fisticuffs Bluff

Fisticuffs Bluff (2001)


Now this is what punk is all about, something that's rooted in punk, but still altogether different. This band is what Mr. Bungle would be if they were a punk band. Their sound is a combination of emo, thrash, and jazz. Their lead singer, Summer Mastous, has a voice that's a cross between Kathleen Hanna and a shrieking lunatic.

The lyrics are stream-of-consciousness and don't make a bit of sense, but in this case the lyrics aren't really of importance, the music is. Everyone else in the band can play their instruments really well and quickly switch musical styles several times within each song.

The only problem with this album is that it can get a bit abrasive, but that's to be expected. I suggest you pick this up if your tastes for punk fall outside the usual blah selection of soundalike punk bands.