The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir (Cover Artwork)

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir (2007)


I got the promo for this album about a month and a half ago, but like most bands I have never heard of, I put the CD to the side and looked down my nose upon it for a couple weeks. That was a mistake.

I hate long reviews that sit there and drone on and on about the members of this band being in this other band or how if these two bands made love while driving a `56 Chevy that this would be the baby they aborted. Reviews in general are a bit monotonous these days. It seems like everything on this site either scores a perfect or at an 8 out of 10 (which is exactly how I am rating this). I am not rating it this high because everyone else does or for any other reason except that this album rules.

According to the Bloodshot site, this is their sophomore release, but since it is my first experience with them and it is a self-titled record I will pretend that they are a brand new band from Chicago that just made a great impression on me. If I was to make one of those rather lame stickers that end up on the front of every CD these days with a funny acronym (FFO [for fans of] or RIYL [recommended if you like]) it would say the Jam, Belle and Sebastian, and the Thermals.

The first song, "Aspidistra," starts off the album starts off mod-ish/punk and is very reminiscent the early Jam releases. "In Hospital" is like a better version of anything Belle and Sebastian have ever done: really mellow, down-tempo stuff with amazing female vocals. The track is sung by Ellen O'Hayer, who also appears in Bright Eyes' touring band. (Yes, I realize I just made a reference to someone being in another band...a really crappy band at that). "I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way for a Boy" and tackles sexuality and complications that can arise.

Overall, the album is very witty , dark , and just extremely well-written.