Bouncing Souls/Flogging Molly - live in San Diego (Cover Artwork)
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Bouncing Souls / Flogging Molly

live in San Diego (2001)

live show

Madcap played first. First impression is a lasting impression and the lasting impression made on me was only an "OK" one. I couldn't understand why the lead singer was watching the rest of the guys to see if they were in sync or something. It was like a little lost child who forgot his part in the school play. Their first song "Going on the Road" was by far one of the poppiest songs I've ever heard in all my life. Actually this band was quite poppy all together and that's not a bad thing. I chuckled when this band tried to get a pit started and there were about 5 people running in a circle beating on each other. You know your pit is sad when you have a blonde girl with big cleavage jumping in it. That's not an every day occurrence. Some of the other songs played were "Downtown", "New Age", and "Two Steps Behind".

Next up: 3 piece San Francisco band One Man Army. Now I've heard a little here and there about this band, and so tonight I finally got to make a judgment for myself. I liked them…a lot. I honestly don't know what to say about them. I usually have a hard time getting into the music when I don't know the band but it was easy this time. They played some new songs one of which was called "She Wants to be Dead". You know what, just go check this band out. You will not be disappointed.

Now for the reason I even went to this concert: Flogging Molly. Every time I listen to this band I just want to go crazy, they make me so happy. Now in person, boy it was insane. They are such a lively bunch (7 to be exact) and they had the crowd in a wild frenzy. I am sure Madcap would have killed to get that attention in their crowd. Flogging Molly put on one of the most energetic acts I've ever had the pleasure to watch. It's the best when the band is into their own music. Who couldn't be into a band with such a wide assortment of instruments? I cannot say one bad thing about them whatsoever. I loved them so much.
Set list as follows: "The Likes of You Again", new song "Drunken Lullabies", "Selfish Man", new song "What's Left of the Flag?", "The Worst Day Since Yesterday", "Black Friday Rule", New song "Rebels of Sacred Heart", "Devil's Dance Floor", and "Salty Dog."

Now for New Jersey band The Bouncing Souls. These guys are seriously over hyped. I was told they're brilliant but I can argue that. They are a set of talented musicians although I don't think brilliance best describes their music. They've got likeable qualities, but if you're not into the pop punk scene, this tour all together is not for you. Back to B.S. They sound like so many bands I've heard before, I just can't place my finger on it. But I still think they are a halfway decent band. I felt as though that show was like having sex: Madcap the foreplay, One Man Army the initial act of having sex, while Flogging Molly were the climax and The Bouncing Souls were where you just kinda lay there tired and naked after. They just weren't doing it for me. I think I just pissed a lot of people off by saying that but what can I say? Ok, well of course, these guys played "True Believers", "Hopeless Romantic" and "Ballad of Johnny X", among other countless familiar tunes.

In a nutshell, I give this tour a 4 of 5 star rating. I had fun, and you can too. Go and find out for yourself.