The Pyongyang Metro - Tower of White Tigers (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Pyongyang Metro

Tower of White Tigers (2007)


The Pyongyang Metro have quite the Midwest list of alumni -- Off with Their Heads, Rivethead, Banner Pilot, and a few more. What makes the list convenient is that fans of any of those bands might get a few enjoyable listens out of the Metro and their breezy full-length, Tower of White Tigers.

The North Korean metro system that the band is named after is actually the deepest in the world of its kind. The Pyongang Metro musical act bears a little bit of that depth in their sound and lyrics, but overall, it's a straightforward, solid Gainesville/No Idea-oriented sound that stays the course for 16 minutes and then leaves us at our final destination. 13 tracks offer that bouncy, poppy punk played rather clumsily and roughly, but still competently enough.

There's also little hints of that something extra in their sound, occasionally, and it gives the impression that if the Pyongyang Metro were to really expand on their songwriting something special could result. Take the cool chords opening "Nobel Laureate," or the restrained bridge and subtle Jawbreaker hints of "Invasive Species." The best track is probably "New Hindi Ringtones Now Available," a vaguely Shorebirds/Latterman-esque tune. Definitely something else is brewing here though, and the members' experience is a likely contributing factor.

Overall though, Tower of White Tigers isn't hugely impressive, but it is a fun little number that's worth a few spins.

Never Had No Chance
Nobel Laureate
New Hindi Ringtones Now Available