Pulley - 60 cycle hum (Cover Artwork)


60 cycle hum (1997)


Anger, Depression, Loneliness, Remorse. It's all here. Pulleys' second effort 60 Cycle Hum turns away from '96's Esteem Driven Engine, A more lighthearted album, to explore a darker side.

Not only has the lyrical emotion changed, but the music itself as well. Faster, more intense and much more furious. Not focusing on melody as much (although there is plenty), And more of an emphasis on speed.

Not as clean sounding as their other records are known for. But rather a down-toned crunchy quality to it. With, as usual Scotts' unique vocals and Jordans' inhuman drum ablilty standing out. The band was a 4 piece at the time of this recording also. With Jim handling the 1st guitar and Bass duties.

This is probably my least favorite Pulley record..but that is still saying a lot. Still good music don't get me wrong...but some songs: "Scab" "Reality" and "Seperated" sound to me as if they were written in 10 minutes to fill up space. But then turn right around to mind-blowing songs like "Havasu" "Mandingo" "Hold On" "Endless Journey" and "Where are you Now?".

This is definitley not a record to discover Pulley by. It is a really good record despite a few tracks, but I recommend this only if your already a Pulley fan. It's good they took this turn however, It took Scotts' great lyrics and their wide subject matter even farther. A dark album nonetheless. But worth hearing..Just do not expect another Esteem Driven Engine. But rather appreciate this record from it's proper perspective..be on that level.