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The Carbonas

The Carbonas (2007)


The Carbonas clearly know the ins and outs of fast-paced, upbeat `77 power-pop-punk, and showcase their knowledge through a solid 20 minutes on their self-titled, third full-length. Even the recording produces a crisply aural front of guitar chords with snotty lead vocals pushed below the mix a bit to mostly capture that vintage sound.

If there's any major issue with The Carbonas, it might just be the lack of hooks. The album's chock full of high-energy, enjoyable goods, but when it comes to recalling precisely what's on it, it's a hard feat. Opener "Phone Booth" is likely the most memorable track here, as there's a little more variety in the vocal delivery and the barked chorus sticks like bubble gum.

However faster they are than their clearer influences (Buzzcocks, Undertones), the Carbonas' songwriting isn't quite as consistent, unfortunately. Still, that's not to completely dismiss the welcomed brevity, cohesiveness and general vibe of the band's newest record. The Carbonas write well-rounded and bouncy numbers that while easily categorized aren't just forced rehashing.

Phone Booth