One Reason - Mountains [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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One Reason

Mountains [7 inch] (2006)


Mountains is one of the best 7-inches this side of The Disco Before the Breakdown. It's high praise but worth it as the three songs on here represent some of the best songwriting to come from the underground in some time.

If I were to die in the next few years, I would ask that the chorus from "The End Never Mattered" be chiseled into my headstone.

The words on the page will just rot,
Like the memory will fall from our bodies
Of a time that we knew such great joy
That the truth of the end never mattered.
In fact, I'd prefer to have the whole song there. It's a great mid-tempo sing-along, call-to-arms for friends and family to remind us what's important in life: It's the journey, not the destination. From the beginning palm mutes to the ending fadeout howl.

"First to Build It" is a nice blend of later Hot Water Music and pop-punk examining the tradeoffs of life in a truly small town. I-69 was put through the band's hometown of Cleveland, Mississippi and while it's easy to take the punx!! approach to hating all that is related to development and international trade, Ginger and company delve into the conflicting feelings that such a development can create. "Mountain Song" is a wonderful ode to traveling with friends and seeing the world. Something about simple lines like "Grandmother I know you worry about me / I come from the flattest of places / And I get to see mountains" sounds so raw and honest. It's a bouncy song without being silly, wistful without being overwrought.

Each of these songs would help propel any single, 12-song album into the realm of unforgettable; however, when grouped together like this it's a smack to the face of intensity. One Reason's mix of post-hardcore and punk rock seems to be blended to perfection, and this was recorded over two years ago. Hearing what comes next excites me to no end.

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