ALL - Mass Nerder (Cover Artwork)


Mass Nerder (1998)


The epitomy of ALL no ALL! well, I wont go into detail on that subject, I think most know that long complicated story.

Since their conception in '88 ALL has put out some of the best punk-pop music man has ever seen. Allroys' Revenge, Breaking Things, and Pummel to name a few. But In '98 after the Descendents recording/touring cycle came to an end and Milo went back to Chemistry, ALL finally did what everyone seen coming...Signed to epitaph. A move a lot of people seen degrading if you will to ALLs' credibility...same with the descendents. Both bands proved naysayers wrong.

ALL released Mass Nerder in mid '98 and turned a lot of pessimistic fans back around. The Trademark ALL sound was still there. Mid-tempo Melodic, Love Lorn, and sometimes politically aware. What ALL is known best for.

The band is set apart by it's relatively simple sound but matched by immeasurable talent. Chad Prices' vocals unclean, a slight growl to them..but still great. Stephen Egertons' guitar work is awesome..keeps the six strings blazing with his hint of rockabilly and great solos. Karls' bass lines also go fully noticed...and the long time veteran Bill Stevenson puts his 20 years of drum skill to work.

"Worlds' on Heroin" "I'll Get There" "Fairweather Friend" "Vida Blue" "Until Then" and "Silence" are the standouts. 16 ALL good tracks in a little over 30 minutes. The quick pop will get you. Awesome record..another chapter in the almighty book of ALL.