Hex Machine - Run to Earth [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Hex Machine

Run to Earth [12 inch] (2008)


I suppose the only way to follow up the intro to your album being the noises made by the shrieking eels from The Princess Bride is to kick shit off with clockwork arpeggio metal riffs in a song called "Run to Earth." And I guess keep them rocking through the whole song while forgoing any vocals. But that's okay I guess, since "Haunted Doll Factory," the next track, has some vocals that shove off about two minutes in.

And if riding first impressions, it'd be easy to say that Hex Machine like to ride the mid-tempo metal riffs with a touch of odd time signatures and interesting syncopation. The vocals are sung in the background, like an old Sabbath record. The drums, however, hold everything together by relying on keeping un-conventional patterns keeping time and adding to the dynamic of the EP. At times, they are played more like a free-form jazz set.

The tempo builds as does the tension in "Peristalsis Hilton," with the vocals giving way to shrieking and the instruments are cranked on to get some serious loudness worked into the drunkenly lurching rhythm.

But it's the southern metal groove of "Nude Model Harvey" that really makes the album worth listening to. Fat riffs, driving rhythm, and a kick of boogie that really makes it the ultimate statment made by this four-song EP. And who doesn't love a little bit of boogie?

The finished product might remind you of some mid-era Mevlins. I just wish the release was longer, since I rarely remember to listen to EPs. Especially if they're 12-inch vinyl EPs. Good thing this one comes with an accompanying CD as well. Definitely listenable, definitely enjoyable.