Alkaline Trio - I Lied My Face Off (Cover Artwork)

Alkaline Trio

I Lied My Face Off (1999)

Asian Man

Perhaps Alkaline Trio's best work to date, "I Lied My Face Off," is a compiliation of four alcohol driven ballads about relationships and happiness.

With all of the original members of Alkaline Trio, this EP is raw, driven, and melodic at the same time. The first song, "Goodbye Forever," was the first song I ever heard by Alkaline Trio. Brilliant. One of my favorite songs to date. The next track, "This Is Getting Over You," features Dan Andriano on vocals. Near the end of the song, Matt Skiba enters blending angelic voices together and creating a sound that they have yet to capture to this date. The lyrics are so electifying, that if you listen to them at the right time, they can make you cry.

Third song, "Bleeder," captures different feelings for different people. Look for this acoustic on their split with Hot Water Music. (That's what I hear anyway.)

Finally, perhaps Alkaline Trio's signature balid of happieness, drinking, and relationships, I Lied My Face Off hit's you with something you've been waiting for this entire EP. With striking lyrics, you don't recover and this leaves you hanging for me. The only solution: Listen to this EP many times.